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Upgrade of SilverLink 4 to SilverKnit

Silverlink 4 to SilverKnit     The SilverLink 4 is by now a known phenomena for DesignaKnit users knitting with electronic Silver Reed knitting machines.

The SilverKnit package has been developed to serve those users who want to work like they did with the EC1/PE1 or the PC10, but also want to use the facilities offered by a PC like a large screen, unlimited storage capacity, lots of variations, etc.

There are also users who want to use both products. It is however inconvenient if two boxes are needed in order to do this, while the hardware of both boxes is (almost) the same.

We developed an upgrade to make a SilverLink 4 box behave as a SilverKnit box.

The upgrade can be performed by installing new software in the SilverLink 4 box. After the upgrade of the SilverLink 4 box, you can install and use the SilverKnit software. You can continue to use the upgraded SilverLink 4 in combination with DesignaKnit 7 or DesignaKnit 8.

You can order the SilverLink 4 to SilverKnit upgrade from a SilverKnit reseller.

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